The ‘Halal Project’ aims to provide halal food options to a global audience and improve the traceability of halal food products through the use of blockchain technology. This will help ensure that customers can trust the halal status of the food they are purchasing.

“Focusing on only halal income is not enough, we need to focus on halal food as well.”

~ unknown

Additionally, our organization will work to educate the stakeholders on the importance of food and clean food. By leveraging blockchain technology, we will also aim to increase transparency and accountability within the food industry.

We vision to be an innovative leader in the field of food traceability and accessibility.

The launch of THE HALAL PROJECT is a direct response to an incident where we discovered that a restaurant was attempting to join multiple online platforms and using non-halal in their food to cut corners financially. Some platforms refused to allow this restaurant to join, while others did. This made us think about other restaurants that may also be using non-halal to achieve profitability.

We realized that it is important for us to take proactive steps to ensure the integrity of the food industry and provide transparency to anyone who consumes food through any online platform or even while dining in at restaurants.

With this project, we aim to ensure that all restaurants across the city use only halal chicken if they are serving to consumers who only eat halal. We will be conducting regular audits and certifying the restaurants that meet our guidelines, so that customers can make informed choices about the food they eat.

We believe that this will greatly benefit consumers and help to ensure that they are eating food that is as clean as they believe it to be.

With Regards & Love,

Team – The Project Halal